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Donate for the Monsanto Tribunal

Life and Humankind on Earth can be preserved by recognising Ecocide as the fifth crime against peace at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Monsanto is currently committing ecocide, which is why we will bring them to court in

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Call for Donations to End Ecocide

Life and Humankind could be preserved on Earth  by asking the crime of Ecocide to be recognised  as the fifth crime against peace by the International Criminal Court of The Hague.   Conferences, amazing events like the 3rd Tribunal of

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How to test the Videoconf server


This page tells you how you can make sure you can participate on our webinars hosted on our video conf server, which is  a nifty little shiny piece of open source software from the Apache foundation. Normally there is not

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EU Directive & the Crime of Ecocide at the ICC

Proposed amendments to the ICC Statute for the recognition of the crime of ecocide End Ecocide on Earth (EEE) is a grass-roots initiative (citizen movement) aimed to recognize the crime of ecocide in international criminal law, as the fifth crime

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Address Prisca Merz Flat 20, Patten House Green Lanes N42NY London Great Britain Contact phone: +44 7778075312 e-mail: website:  

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Signatures worldwide

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Data security

Consultation or use of this site in whatever language involves the full acceptance of the general conditions set out below. Hereby, End Ecocide on Earth informs about data privacy in the context of the collection of signatures for the petition

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We are all volunteers without financial resources but with £ 1, or another small donation we can achieve a lot. PayPal If you have a Paypal account or own a creditcard then please press the button below Bank transfer Remittee

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Our Strategy

27773924_l - copie

End Ecocide on Earth is a global grassroots movement aimed at protecting ecosystems on which all life on Earth – including humans – depends. And you’re part of it! The main idea is intriguingly simple: the destruction of global commons

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Please bear with us. We are currently working on adapting the Flyers, Posters and all Material to the new Logo / Coloring / CI. As soon as we have finished all materials updates, you will be able to download it

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