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Address Robert Wager German coordination office Morassistr. 8 D-80469 München Germany Contact phone: +49 1608104348 e-mail: website:  

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Data security

Consultation or use of this site in whatever language involves the full acceptance of the general conditions set out below. Hereby, End Ecocide on Earth informs about data privacy in the context of the collection of signatures for the petition


We are all volunteers without financial resources but with £ 1, or another small donation we can achieve a lot. PayPal If you have a Paypal account or own a creditcard then please press the button below Bank transfer Remittee

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Our Strategy

End Ecocide on Earth is a global grassroots movement aimed at protecting ecosystems on which all life on Earth – including humans – depends. And you’re part of it! The main idea is intriguingly simple: the destruction of global commons

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Please bear with us. We are currently working on adapting the Flyers, Posters and all Material to the new Logo / Coloring / CI. As soon as we have finished all materials updates, you will be able to download it

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[DO NOT EDIT IN VISUAL MODE] Browse our current activities, be it the COP21 preparations, building up a massive network of NGOs worldwide or local actions by end ecocide volunteers!

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Get Active

[DO NOT EDIT IN VISUAL MODE] You have already signed the petition ? Great! You want to do more ? You want to STAND UP – ACT ? Then, head on to the specific slides to see how you can

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A Quest for International Justice for the Earth and future generations

End Ecocide on Earth requests an International Criminal Justice to protect the global Environment and future generations, Join us !

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