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End Ecocide on Earth is a global grassroots movement aimed at protecting ecosystems
on which all life on Earth – including humans – depends. And you’re part of it!

The main idea is intriguingly simple: the destruction of global commons or Earth’s ecological systems must become a crime. A crime for which those in positions of superior responsibility can be held accountable .

This crime has a name: Ecocide

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The crime of ecocide should be incorporated into the Rome Statute as the fifth crime prosecutable before the International Criminal Court, in the same manner as the crime against humanity, genocide crime, war crimes or crime of aggression. This can be achieved via amendments of the Rome Statute, which the Head of any State party can propose.

Antarctic_Sea_IceWe want to protect the global commons: the oceans and seas beyond territorial waters, the atmosphere, outer atmosphere and their respective chemistry, Arctic, Antarctica, cross-border rivers and lakes, ground water, migratory species, biogeochemical cycles, genetic heritages. These spaces and species which belong to no one, and called Res nullius in law, should no longer be the scene of pollution and abusive predation. This would further the protection of the global ecosystem, and in any case the principle of national sovereignty should not be claimed to shirk all liability when they are impacted.


We also want to protect vital ecological systems because they maintain favourable conditions for life on Earth and make the planet a place where all can live provisioning food and water, regulating floods and diseases, offering spiritual, recreational and cultural benefits, and maintaining vital cycles such as nutrient cycling.biodiversité

The incrimination of ecocide thus applies to the damages caused to living beings and extends to basic life components, in order to ensure the continuity of the life and Humankind itself. It gives to the present generations a duty to protect the environment for the future generations. This gives de facto rights to the generations to come.

Thus, the prohibition of the ecocide would ensure the human right to a healthy environment for Humankind, i.e. the present and future generations, and would establish the right of nature to be protected.

It is in our collective power to make this change happens, in the years to come. This is the radical change we need, and we are building a global movement to make it a reality.

crimeAmendments to the Rome statute

The International Criminal Court (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute, was established to help end impunity of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community. The ICC Statute considers war crime to cause widespread, long lasting and severe damage to the natural environment, but there is no provision to protect the environment from such type of harms in peacetime.

EEE has been able to work on seventeen (17) proposed amendments to the Rome Statute to define and include the crime of ecocide to the list of the existing international crimes.

EEE proposed amendments to the ICC Statute for the recognition of the crime of ecocide in peacetime would allow effectiveness of a set of principles and emerging norms through the establishment of an international criminal legal framework likely to ensure the safety of the planet, by protecting the global commons and ecological systems necessary to maintain the living conditions on Earth, in compliance with the known planetary boundaries.

These scientific standards would make it possible to pose the framework where we would be in capacity to protect the global environment in a supranational way, with a possible jurisdiction on national territories when vital ecosystems are threatened.

Social Mobilisation Campaign

cop21prepparisBefore and after the COP21 held in Paris in December 2015, we mobilized civil society in protecting our Planet and Future Generations by asking to stop dangerous industrial activities.


During the COP, we organized with the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature , NatureRights and Attac France, the International Rights of Nature Tribunal. The Tribunal is a unique, citizen-created initiative. It gives people from all around the world the opportunity to testify publicly as to the destruction of the Earth — destruction that governments and corporations not only allow, but in some cases encourage.

Volunteers could explain End Ecocide on Earth’s strategy and invite other organisations to join forces, to sign and promote our petition requesting to include the crime of ecocide to the list of the existing international crimes.

The ultimate goal

We are lobbying representatives of member states of the ICC to carry the draft amendments to the ICC assembly and transmit our proposal to the UN Secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, together with the civil society petition asking for the crime of ecocide to be recognized. . This is why we shall continue our lobbying campaign to get as many members states on board as possible before the Revision Conference, and make our wish into a reality.

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