Support making ecocide an international crime by signing the new international petition.  This link takes you to our associate group the Stop Ecocide Foundation with whom we are working closely.

Sign the international petition

Through this petition, we call on all governments to declare support for making ecocide an international crime, in the knowledge that many countries must stand together to put this law in place for the long-term protection of all life on earth.

Why sign?

As this petition grows it will be used periodically to demonstrate to governments the level of civil support building both internationally and within their own nations. The petition will therefore remain open for signatures, gathering momentum as more and more governments declare their support.

Once you sign the international petition you can also chose if you want to become an Earth Protector.

Earth Protectors

Are you taking peaceful direct action to protect the earth? By signing up as an Earth Protector you are clearly stating that you believe damage and destruction to the Earth and its inhabitants should be a crime and you will have a document in your name to show this. It can be used in court as evidence that you are not acting to cause harm but to prevent it. Sign up now: