The End Ecocide on Earth initiative

End Ecocide on Earth is an international grassroots citizens movement founded in 2012, created to carry out a European Citizens Initiative calling for the European Parliament to recognise the crime of Ecocide. The movement grew into a fully international campaign focused on the recognition and addition of Ecocide to the Rome Statute as the 5th Crime Against Peace alongside Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes of Aggression and Crimes against humanity. International volunteers working on this initiative come from all walks of life many with legal, scientific and managerial backgrounds.

We are a non-government organisation that relies solely on donations from individuals who share our concern for the Earth and its inhabitants.

The Strategy

The ultimate goal of the initiative is that ecocide will be recognised as a crime
around the world. This means that ecocide is an international crime which can be enforced
with an international court. To that end, ecocide should be incorporated into the
Rome Statute as an International Crime against Peace under the jurisdiction of the
International Criminal Court. This can be achieved via an amendment to the Rome
Statute which the Head of any State party can propose. We advocate for ecocide
to be included as a crime committed with knowledge of the risks, applying to individuals and according to the principle of superior responsibility. From the initial step of launching a European Citizen’s Initiative to the launch of the Charter of Brussels and the Alliance for International Justice of the Environment and Health, the story of End Ecocide has evolved and gained momentum.

We continue our diplomatic and legal work, now working in close association with our Associate Groups, Stop Ecocide and End Ecocide Sweden towards the advancement of the inclusion of Ecocide Law within the Rome Statute.

In December 2019 two sovereign states Vanuatu and the Maldives officially called for the consideration of this crime at the international level.

In July 2020 following a presentation on Ecocide Law to the French Citizen’s Assembly the citizens’ recommended that a new crime of Ecocide be established in France with 99.3% of participants supporting the measure. President Macron stopped short of accepting the exact text proposed but endorsed the principle, committing to explore with legal experts how the principle can be incorporated into French law. More significantly Macron specifically promised to champion enshrining the crime of ecocide within international law. Macron is the first leader of a G7 nation to support an international crime of ecocide.

In Belgium, the Belgian Green Party introduced a bill to make ecocide a crime in Belgium and to support the ecocide amendment to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Also, in July 2020 world renowned environmental youth activists Greta, Luisa, Anuna and Adelaide, wrote an open letter signed by citizen’s, scientists and activists calling on EU leaders to support making ecocide and international crime. Following this, Greta donated 100 k Euros to the Stop Ecocide Foundation.

The Stop Ecocide Foundation are bringing together an expert panel of international lawyers advised by top climate and environment scientists which will include Valerie Cabanes (End Ecocide on Earth). The purpose of this panel is to develop an up-to-date, clear and legally robust definition of ecocide for review and potential proposal by states they are working with.