nutshellEco-cide derives from the Greek “oikos” meaning “house” or “home” and the Latin “occidere” meaning “strike down, demolish, kill”. It literally translates to killing our home, the only one we have : Earth.

Ecocide is the destruction of the global environment. >End Ecocide on Earth< is therefore defining the ecocide crime as an extensive damage or destruction of the Earth’s ecological systems in such a way that exceeds its natural planetary boundaries of resilience. As a consequence this has to be a significant and durable alteration of the global commons or Earth’s ecological systems – upon which rely all life on earth in general and humankind in particular vitally depend on.

By global commons we are referring to: the oceans and seas beyond territorial waters, the atmosphere, the outer atmosphere and their respective chemistry, the Arctic, Antarctica, cross-border rivers and lakes, the groundwater, migratory species, biogeochemical cycles, genetic heritages.
All these entities which so far belong to no one, and are called “Res nullius” in law, should from now on belong to everyone and no longer be the scene of pollution and abusive predation. This would be a true protection of the global ecosystem. The principle of national sovereignty could no longer be claimed to avoid any kind of liability for environmental impacts.eau douce

We also consider ecocide in the sense of the destruction of ecological systems as equal to a crime against humanity and future generations as it threatens their vital living conditions. Thus, this type of ecocide must not be allowed to withdraw from an international jurisdiction in the name of national sovereignty, nor be negotiated through market instruments and trading rights.

Global commons, Earth’s ecological systems, planetary boundaries: these scientific standards make it possible to set a framework inside of which we will be able to protect the global environment in a supranational way. Finally would this also enable national jurisdictions for prosecution when vital ecosystems are endangered within their national territories.

>End Ecocide on Earth< (EEE) is a grassroots initiative (citizens’ movement) aimed to recognize the crime of ecocide in international criminal law as a fifth crime prosecutable before the International Criminal Court in the same manner as the crime against humanity, genocide crime, war crimes or crime of aggression.

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