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  • If your country is not a signatory to the Rome Statute please add the final paragraph which explains what steps can be taken. 

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Dear (ADD Your elected representative name) ,

I am contacting you as part of the global movement calling for an international crime of ecocide.  

We are campaigning for the introduction of the crime of ecocide at the international level through the amendment of the Rome Statute, the document of the international criminal court. 

Ecocide is defined as mass damage to or destruction of ecosystems. It is currently an international crime during wartime but not in peacetime.

Criminalizing ecocide at the international level will create a structural change within international law that will define substantial harm to the environment as morally wrong; criminal, and therefore activities defined as ecocidal, will not be able to seek legitimate finance or insurance. This law will prevent significant harm to global ecosystems, the current impact of which is risking the stability of all human life.

Ecocide Law can be introduced internationally through an amendment to the Rome Statute. Any state that is a signatory to the Rome Statute can propose an amendment to the statute or support a proposed amendment to include Ecocide Law. Alongside, the existing crimes – crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression, ecocide would become the fifth crime, prosecutable before the International Criminal Court. 

I am asking you for your support for this important campaign. 

There are a number of ways to get involved.

Elected Parliamentarians can join the global Ecocide Alliance of Parliamentarians and join a growing number of officials from around the world who support this law 

Promote and sign the international petition Stop Ecocide (  and find out about the international drafting panel working on a definition at the request of the Swedish government. 

Visit End Ecocide on Earth ( for more information on the evolution of this campaign.

A number of countries have publicly stated their interest in and support for exploring the introduction of ecocide law at the international level through the ecocide amendment. These countries include Belgium, France, Finland, Spain, Canada, Luxembourg, Vanuatu, and the Maldives with other countries poised to follow suit. 

Please can you take steps to raise this issue at government level and to call on our government to add its public support; this is particularly relevant if your country is a signatory to the Rome Statute and can therefore support calls for the Ecocide amendment. 

State Parties signatories to the Rome Statute:


However, as it is known that [name of the relevant country] has not ratified the Rome Statute,  at this stage it will be difficult for you to support the campaign for the amendment of the referred document in order to include Ecocide Law. That is why I am asking you for your support to campaign for the ratification of the Rome Statute in your jurisdiction and then gain legitimacy to participate in the campaign for the recognition of ecocide as an international crime before the International Criminal Court.

Please write back to me and tell me about the steps you have taken towards promoting this campaign. 

Yours sincerely 

ADD: Your full name and contact details