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Rainer Nõlvak, the chief motivator of the ’Let’s do it!’ campaign and Polly Higgins, advocate for the recognition of ecocide as a crime against peace, will discuss on how to end the extensive damage of natural environments occurring in many regions of the world in Tallinn, Estonia on May 4th.

Rainer Nõlvak: ’I thought large scale ecosystem destruction was outlawed internationally years ago. Turns out, it is not! Let’s make this thing of the past!’

’Let’s Do It!’ and ’Eradicating Ecocide’ campaigns have in common the vision of a clean and healthy environment. ’Let’s do it!’ has become a global world clean-up movement, but what can be done in countries, where polluting is still legal? That’s where criminalisation of ecocide and ’Let’s Do It!’ meet: can citizens’ initiatives change the system itself wherein states and businesses and also citizens transact?

If the fault is in the system, could banning ecocide help to change it? What would make the polluting corporations change their course of action? What are the steps we need to take  to move towards a healthier planet?

Polly Higgins is a British lawyer, author and visionary, who is leading an international campaign, which aims to include ecocide as the fifth crime against peace that would in essence place environmental crimes alongside war crimes.

Rainer Nõlvak is a visionary from Estonia, the initiator and chief motivator of the ’Let’s Do It!’ movement. In 2012 his team helped to initiate clean-up actions in almost 100 countries all over the world, involving around 7 million volunteers.

The discussion on May 4th will be held in English.

For more information about the event:
Kadri Kalle
European Citizens’ Initiative „End Ecocide in Europe“
Estonian coordinator

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