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Experts will clarify the different concepts and emerging principles of the Law of the Earth (Earth Law). These proposals aim to raise the right to a healthy environment as a basic standard and to grant rights to nature. They provide relevant insights into the close relations between the fields of environmental law and human rights in order to assert the principle of interdependence binding nature and human beings and their responsibilities. The object will be to present these legal angles and create a dialogue between different holders ofproposals, instruments, declarations, court success and emerging initiatives.

The complementarity of these approaches have the potential, in their interpretation and implementation, of ending unlimited exploitation of natural resources which jeopardizes all future on earth.

Finally, these initiatives contribute to an evolution of consciousness and human behavior by providing a transition to systems of governance that are guided by the general interest of the Living on Earth, recognizing that human is at the heart of a system of life beyond him, and that we must respect the laws, processes and boundaries in order to maintain thebalance of the system.

Place to B /  5 rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris, France

Thursday 3rd December  14h30 / 17h45



live streaming : http://www.placetob.org/live/



Programme (EN/ FR)


Topic Representative
14h30 Introduction Natalia Greene (GARN)  Samanta Novella (NatureRights)
Key note speech / Ouverture Vandana Shiva (Navdanya)
Facilitation / Modération Genevieve Azam (Attac)
Sumak Kawsay / Mother Earth / Terre Mère Patricia Gualinga Sarayeku

Tom Goldtooth (Indigenous Environmental Network)

Buen Vivir Alberto Acosta (Former président of Constitutional Assembly in Ecuador / Ancien Président

Assemblée Constitutionnelle Equateur)

Laudato Si Roderigo Péret
Economic model and Ecological governance / Modèles Economiques / Gouvernance écologique
Facilitation / Modération Shannon Biggs (Movement Rights; Global Exchange)
Duty of care / Principe d’Anticipation Mireille Delmas Marty (Prof. au Collège de France – Chaire d’Etudes juridiques comparatives et internationalisation du droit)
The Law of the Commons / Droit sur les Communs Koffi Dogbevi (Juriste)
Rights of Nature / Droits de la Nature Osprey Orielle Lake (WeCan)
Rights of Future Generations / Droits des Générations Futures Emilie Gaillard (Professeur de Droit)
Relationship with nature and climate change / Changement climatique et relations avec la nature
Facilitation / Modération Marie Toussaint (Juriste)
Climate Justice Justice Climatique Roger Cox (URGENDA, Avocat, auteur)
Universal Declaration for the Rights of Mother Earth / Déclaration Universelle des Droits de la Mère Terre Cormac Cullinan (Auteur Wild law)
Universal Charter of the Environment / Charte internationale de l’environnement Yann Aguila (Avocat à la Cour, Club des Juristes)
Declaration of the Rights of Mankind / Droits de l’humanité Corinne Lepage (Avocat, ancien ministre de l’environnement)
Crimes against Health as crimes against humanity /Crimes contre la Santé Marie-Odile Bertella Geffroy (ex-Juge, vice-présidente de la Cour de Paris et coordinatrice au Secrétariat de la Santé Publique de Paris)
Binding Treaty on transnationals corporations with respect to Human Rights / Traité contraignant sur les multinationales et le respect des droits de l’homme William Bourdon (Avocat, Sherpa)
Eco-crimes & Ecocide Conventions / Conventions Eco-crimes et Ecocide Laurent Neyret (Professeur de Droit. Directeur de publication)
Ecocide as a crime against peace and human security / Crime international d’Ecocide Valerie Cabanes (Juriste, porte parole de End Ecocide on Earth)
Hope for implementation / Espoirs de mise en oeuvre
18h00 CLOSURE: Similarities and differences / Similarités et différences Vandana Shiva (Navdanya)


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