People need nature, not just because we depend on so many natural resources to survive, but we truly need nature to be happy and healthy.

You might feel very happy with yourself if you earn a lot of money, and are now probably thinking that there is nothing else you need in this world, but where would you go to relax from earning money!? Just imagining a quiet beach or a serene green meadow probably calms your mind. Then why would you want to use those money to harm these serene places?

One of the greatest minds in history, Albert Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”. Such a logical, scientific mind and yet so humble infront of nature’s simplicity.

Yes, people need nature to enjoy it and keep their sanity. This is what doctors and psychiatrists and scientists all say. But i don’t need a doctor to tell me that i feel amazing when hiking up a mountain or just laying there on the beach. I can’t imagine my childhood without the everyday picking of wild blackberries by the river, a river that is now struggling to survive…

We will leave the negative thoughts aside, we won’t talk about the big companies that destroy nature, and we will not drag up corrupted politicians, because WE as people shouldn’t care about any of those things. All we need to know is what makes us happy and relaxed and fight to save it.

Having said that, i would like to leave you with images from nature’s places, i would like to you to look deeply into each one, and think if any of them reminds you of enjoyable moments in life…Are they worth fighting for!?

If yes, please take some time and VOTE to End Ecocide in Europe now…so that we can keep enjoying these places!


Elena Nikolovska