Only about 66 days left to get 930,000 votes to make the mass destruction of our ecosystems a crime!

This short time frame requires us to use the help of those people who are already so influential that they are just a click or two away from exposing millions of people around the world to our initiative! We want those guys to hear us!
And we need your help! All you need to do is use your twitter account and tweet away as much as possible! We will update you recently on tweets to use. Please also share with others to tweet too!

Every hand helps! Let’s End Ecocide in Europe and beyond!!!!

PLEASE try to keep the schedule, just copy and paste the tweet.
Or create a different one at the same time 🙂
Hashtags/links to use: #EndEcocide #YourVoteToEndEcocide @EndEcocideEU and

November 17th (Russell Brand)

12:00 pm GMT (England time)

@rustyrockets I know u appreciate honest attempts to change the world & revolutionize our current system checkthisout

14:00 GMT

@rustyrockets we know u don’t like voting,but how about making a new law to protect nature & end its mass destruction?

16:00 GMT

@rustyrockets you say yourself this world needs a change,how about a new law to protect nature?see all info & fl @EndEcocideEU

18:00 GMT

@rustyrockets a revolutionary opportunity 2 protect nature.1 law against #Fracking#ArcticDrilling#Nuclear#Deforestation see

20:00 GMT
@rustyrockets help us stop the mass destruction of our ecosystem.Use #YourVoteToEndEcocide as an EU citizen for a new law. c @

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