Pope Francis is a great leader,

We wish to raise his awareness about the initiative to end the extensive damage to our ecosystem and criminalize Ecocide. Help us to grab his attention through Twitter this Saturday, December 7.

All formats are here for your use, feel free to use this as is or to make changes. Also feel free to follow and retweet @EndEcocideEU @PriscaMerz @flaviabiurrun @anzyangels @Hila_Leo @eitzenbe @Jullzs313

PLEASE try to keep the schedule, just copy and paste the tweet. Or create a different one at the same time
Hashtags/links to use: #EndEcocide #YourVoteToEndEcocide @EndEcocideEU and www.endecocide.eu

The Pope has several Twitter accounts. We will tweet his main account (@Pontifex), but we invite you to tweet him in other languages too (@Pontifex_fr @Pontifex_it @Pontifex_es @Pontifex_pt @Pontifex_de @Pontifex_pl )

09:00 GMT –@Pontifex Dear Father, please help us to do more good deeds.For our loved ones.For the strangers.And for the Planet. Vote to #EndEcocide

10:00 GMT –@Pontifex you supported #NoAlFracking !How about stopping all the destruction of nature with 1 overarching law?Vote @ www.endecocide.eu

11:00 GMT –@Pontifex Heavenly Father, help us to remember that there is no Planet B that we could invade. Helps us 2 #EndEcocide by signing www.endecocide.eu

12:00 GMT –@Pontifex everyday we sin against our Earth by not protecting it.We CAN protect it!Vote to give nature rights @ www.endecocide.eu !!

13:00 GMT –@Pontifex Оh, dear holy mighty, continue to use your power for Go(o)D deeds! RT&Follow @EndEcocideEU and vote at www.endecocide.eu

14:00 GMT –@Pontifex our sins are awful!We damage our ecosystem everyday!A new law to protect our planet is on the table.Vote@ www.endecocide.eu

15:00 GMT –@Pontifex a revolutionary law to protect nature.One law VS. #Fracking #ArcticDrilling #Nuclear #Deforestation vote www.endecocide.eu

16:00 GMT –@Pontifex there are sins that are within our own reach to stop!We can protect our planet & stop its destruction vote@ www.endecocide.eu

17:00 GMT –@Pontifex if we don’t want to make life on earth a living hell we must stop the mass destruction of our planet!Vote @ www.endecocide.eu

18:00 GMT –@Pontifex Dear Almighty, here I stand before you, and ask for forgiveness for my sins.The worst we can do is not to sign #EndEcocide on time

19:00 GMT –@Pontifex U Remind us each day that,of all the gifts we are given,the greatest gift is love.Love for our planet.Let’s share it & #EndEcocide

20:00 GMT- @Pontifex Let us be slow to judge&quick 2 forgive, show patience, empathy& love. Show love for nature by voting @ www.endecocide.eu

21:00 GMT –@Pontifex You said “Take care of God’s creation”.Help us by supporting to protect it! Vote as an EUcitizen@ www.endecocide.eu

Thank you again,

Together we can make this a reality.


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