The Research Team is an invaluable element in the development of the law of ecocide and its content. Advocating for a crime of Ecocide is a discursive process, and one that can only be enhanced by quality research and scholarly debate.

We form a network of expertise where we can share knowledge and discussions. Our volunteer researchers have a breadth of experience in law, economics, sociology, policy, and more. We need to build this expertise base so that we can be a genuine part of policy discussions and debates on environmental protection that are taking place.

In particular we are interested in researching in the following areas;

  • ecology, biology and natural sciences (including studies on the supply chains)
  • law (human rights / criminal / civil /EU, comparative and international law) and strict liability
  • policy, including environmental protection, health and welfare
  • business and economics, including steady state economy

Some of our latest projects include;

Coming up we have a number of exciting opportunities for you to be involved in.

URGENT  –  We have been invited to work together with the European Medical Students Association on a policy paper on the Environment and Health. If you have a particular interest in health, or have previous experience in environmental and health protection then please get in touch; send an email expressing your interest and outlining your experience to the Research Team.

We have a blog where you can have articles or short journalistic pieces published. If you have ideas about posts, or want to submit a post either contact the Research Team or the Editors of the blog.

We are joining forces with leaders in their fields to write a booklet on the future of a law of ecocide. If you yourself are a leader in your field, or you know anyone we can get in contact with, please email the Research Team.

In Spring 2014 we hope to host a Round Table discussion on the issues following this European Citizen’s Initiative to make ecocide a crime. If you’d like to be involved in any way, email the Research Team.

Undergraduate students, experts and above all enthusiasts, we want you! If you want to engage in valuable research you can be part of the research volunteers; email the Research Team if you want to be involved in any areas of our research.

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