Keith Taylor (MEP candidate, Green Party U.K.): Making ‘Ecocide’ the 5th Crime Against Peace is essential if we are to halt environmental destruction. This is the time to introduce new standards into European law.

Will Duckworth (MEP candidate Green Party U.K.): We desparately need to change the mind set of producers: They only pay for the cost of production at the moment. We have to ensure that the polluter pays. The cost of dealing with polution needs to be considdered and the best way is to make the destruction of our environment a chargeable crime as well as a crime against Nature. The Green Party are dedicated to protecting the world we all live in.

Molly Scott Cato (MEP candidate Green Party U.K. Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at the University of Roehampton and UK Green Party’s Economics Spokesperson): To preserve our planet so that it will allow us to live peaceful and happy lives we need to find a way of thinking beyond our selfish human concerns. We need to consider the interests of all the non-human animals who share this home with us, and future generations who will enjoy its bounty in future. The idea of ‘ecocide’, of actually killing the planet, is a powerful metaphor that can help us to put into practice our wish to live softly on the earth and in harmony with its wealth of bountiful life.

Vicky Dunn (MEP candidate Green Party U.K.): I see a law on Ecocide as a mirror image of the TTIP – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – but with government and law standing up for the world on which we depend, not the ‘rights’ of corporations.

Amelia Womack (MEP candidate, The Green Party, U.K.): The environment provides the very foundations of human existence, yet our fragmented environmental laws are not providing enough protection. This lack of protection is driving the excessive environmental destruction that is destroying life as we know it. The solutions aren’t easy….but the evidence is clear. Protect the environment and you protect people, jobs, business and the economy. I truly believe that this protection can only come about if the world has a law of ecocide.

Caroline Allen (MEP candidate, The Green Party, U.K.): As a Green I believe that our health and the health of the planet should receive full and proper protection in the law so support the call for a European Court of Environment and Health.

Denise Craghill (MEP candidate, Green Party, U.K.): I fully support this campaign. We should explore all possible means of addressing the way that our current ‘growth at any price’ economic model is leading to the destruction of everything that we depend on. A law of Ecocide would enable us to assign the full value to acts of environmental destruction such as air, sea and land pollution, forest destruction and habitat loss that traditional economic thinking allows corporations and governments to externalise. As an MEP I would support the campaign for such a law and the call for the creation of a court to implement it.”

Sergio Gaetano Cofferati (MEP candidate Socialisti e Democratici): Il livello di benessere nostro e delle future generazioni dipende dal grado di rispetto e dagli strumenti di difesa che oggi riusciamo a mettere in campo a protezione dell´ambiente. Occorre che si diffonda consapevolezza circa il delicato equilibrio tra l´azione dell´uomo e i suoi effetti sulla natura, ma occorrono anche strumenti per contrastare i danni, spesso gravissimi, che l´ambiente subisce.

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