Together with Debborah, Monika, Lukas and Jakob, we met with more than 250 people on Graz Mainsquare to send a message to all participants in New York: We are with you!

climatemarch03In more than 2000 places on earth today people stood up and urged urgent measures to protect our planet and fight the climate change NOW! In Graz Prof. Kirchengast from the Wegener Center for Climate and global change gave a short science input, ending with a quite emotional pledge to ask all participants in Graz to shout it out loudly: We want climate Justice NOW! At the end we pinned the signatures of the Avaaz petition to the door of the majors place as no one from the city government had time to take them personally. But we will not loose track. We will be there on the 16th of October when the Gemeinderat will meet again to hand over the petition.

climatemarch02A special Highlight we were able to feel when at the finish of the event more then 250 people joined together to sing the american native song “The River is flowing”. Emotions, Touching Moments that gave us energy and hope and we ended with important words to all people out there:

This is the first Climate march. But it won’t be the last and it wont be the largest, as of today we are already preparing the next march for the COP21 in Paris in Dezember 2015. We will not stop, we will not rest, until there is justice for our climate and justice for our planet -> END ECOCIDE

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