The first stage of our initiative – the End Ecocide in Europe ECI-turned-petition is drawing near. We started as a European Citizens’ Initiative that ended just one year ago not reaching the threshold of required signatures. None of the signatures we collected however will be lost! Immediately after that we continued collecting signatures for a petition to the European Parliament and finally the day to be presented and discussed has come.

We are now delighted to invite you to the hearing of our petition to the European Parliament on February 26th, at 16:00.

 Over 182,000 citizens have supported the petition with their signature so far and it is still possible to sign – if you haven’t yet, help us reach 200 000! Or if you have, don’t miss the chance to share with your family, friends and networks.

We have this amazing opportunity to show the European political leaders how strong our movement is and how many people want the law of Ecocide – let’s seize it!

In detail, we all call upon the European Parliament to prohibit, prevent and pre-empt ecocide, the extensive damage or destruction of ecosystems. The EU has the power to adopt legislation which would apply in five cases:

  • on EU territory, or
  • committed by EU citizens, or
  • committed by EU companies, even if happening outside Europe
  • The import of goods and services resulting from activities causing ecocide into the EU; or
  • The financing of activities causing ecocide by EU banks and other financial institutions, no matter where these activities take place

Or in short – all over the world.

We will be the first European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) that didn’t collect 1 million signatures but still will be discussed in the Parliament. Earlier the same day a discussion on the review of the legislation on the ECI will take place where Prisca Merz, initiator of the ECI to End Ecocide, has also been invited to contribute our views (you can read our contribution to « An ECI that works » to learn more about the challenges we faced).

You are warmly invited to join both hearings which are open to the public (registration is needed for access to the Parliament).

Hearing on the ECI in general: Thursday, February 26th, 9:00 – 12:30: Agenda available here.

Hearing on End Ecocide: Thursday, February 26th, 16:00-16:45, in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Everyone is welcome to join us in Brussels and if you can’t, please spread this invitation.  We must show our representatives that we, the people, care about ending ecocide!

For those of you in Europe, you can help by contacting your MEP, inviting them to the meeting and asking them to support our proposal (if they want to discuss, please feel free to provide Prisca’s contact details:

The ecocide law works and has been discussed for decades. All we need is political will! Show your support by joining the hearing or spreading this information!

To register, please send the following information to, the latest by February 23rd: name and organisation. If you need a badge to access the Parliament, please also send us your date of birth and nationality, as well as the number of the identity document (passport, driver’s licence, ID card etc.) which you will be asked to show when collecting your access badge to the Parliament’s buildings on your arrival.


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